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Image of front of Baptism souvenir

Certificate of Baptism

  • Early Baptism document printed in German with manuscript
  • Hand coloured, dated 1805
  • Folded 76 x 76mm (3 x 3in); unfolded 159 x 159mm (6¼ x 6¼in)
Image of Baptism certificate

A decorative momento presented to the parents of the infant at the time of the ceremony or perhaps at a later date.

The modest illustration on the front of this folded document shows the parents gathered around the baptismal font, a stone, metal, or wooden receptacle, usually ornamented, for holding baptismal water used in the solemn administration of the sacrament.

When opened out from its folded state the baptismal certificate is printed, the child's name is inserted, together with the date of the ceremony, by hand.

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