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Christmas Greetings by Modern British Artists

Until 6 January 2022

Laurence Scarfe Christmas card

Get in the festive spirit with Pallant House Gallery's collection of artist-designed Christmas cards. Discover the personal and playful cards made by Edward Bawden, Ben Nicholson, Enid Marx and more.

Did you know that Christmas cards are a British invention? The first Christmas card is believed to have been commissioned in 1843 by Henry Cole, founding director of the V&A. He and his friend, the artist John Horsley, designed the first Christmas card as a way of encouraging ordinary people to use the newly-formed postal service to keep in touch with friends and family.

This festive Print Room display will feature over 100 original Christmas cards dating from the 1950s to the present day. It includes cards made by celebrated British artists including Edward Bawden, Glenn Brown, Barnett Freedman, Nigel Henderson, Enid Marx, Ben Nicholson, and Glyn Philpot.

  • Pallant House Gallery
  • 8–9 North Pallant
  • Chichester
  • PO19 1TJ
  • UK

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Underground Modernist: E. McKnight Kauffer

Until 10 April 2022

E. McKnight Kauffer bale label

Hailed in his lifetime as “the poster king,” E. McKnight Kauffer (American, 1890–1954) believed that the street was an art gallery for the people.

While living in England between 1914 and 1940, Kauffer produced radical posters for advertising that introduced modernism to the public. He experimented in provocative ways with line, form, space, and colour to promote services and products.

He did not limit himself to posters, and designed a remarkable range of book covers, rugs, theatrical productions, and more, continuing his work in New York from 1940 until his death.

This exhibition is the largest-ever retrospective to examine the designer’s impact and legacy across media.

  • Cooper Hewitt
  • 2 East 91st Street
  • New York
  • NY 1012
  • USA

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Princess Catherine exhibition

Princess Catherine Duleep Singh. Lafayette 1897

Until 26 February 2022

The team at the Ancient House in Thetford has joined with Peter Bance, Sikh historian and Ephemera Society member to launch a new exhibition marking the life of Princess Catherine Duleep Singh on the 150th anniversary of her birth.

The display will be in the Hall of the Ancient House, and will feature a newly commissioned portrait of Princess Catherine by Sikh contemporary artist InkQuisitive.

Also on display will be photographs, letters, Indian textiles and tiles which help tell the Princess’s story. Princess Catherine was a member of the royal family that had ruled the Sikh Empire of Punjab, northern India before it became part of the British Empire in 1849.

Oliver Bone, Curator at the Ancient House said: “I am pleased we have the opportunity to celebrate this remarkable woman, a member of a fascinating family that once ruled the Sikh Empire of Punjab in Northern India. Princess Catherine was a campaigner for women’s rights and assisted Jewish people escape from Nazi Germany.”

  • Ancient House Museum of Thetford Life
  • White Hart Street
  • Thetford
  • IP24 1AA
  • UK

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Animal Therapy: The Cats of Louis Wain

4 December 2021 - 14 April 2022

Bethlem Museum is placing dozens of works on display by an artist and illustrator once considered to be a national treasure. Animal Therapy: The Cats of Louis Wain reintroduces the public to the resplendent work of this lately overlooked figure.

Calendar top 1926

Calendar top for 1926 published by Raphael Tuck & Sons

It invites viewers to see nature and animals through his eyes, glowing with life and energy, and to rediscover the positive effects of connecting with their living environment.

  • Bethlem Museum of the Mind
  • Bethlem Royal Hospital
  • Monks Orchard Road
  • Beckenham
  • Kent BR3 3BX
  • UK

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Bracing Air, Abundant Amusements: The Travel Posters of Charles Pears

Until 25 February 2022

Charles Pears poster

Bustling beaches, bathing belles and bold Art Deco design. Be transported back to the heyday of rail tourism, day trips and the British seaside holiday with the vibrant travel posters of Pontefract-born artist, Charles Pears.

A renowned marine artist, illustrator and member of the Royal Academy, this exhibition celebrates Pears in the town where he grew up and began his initial training. Focusing on his career as a commercial artist, it features works kindly lent from national collections, including designs for London Transport and British rail companies.

Admire peaceful scenes from the banks of the Thames, enjoy the bright lights of the city and soak up plenty of sun, sea, sand and sky.

  • Pontefract Museum
  • 5 Salter Row
  • Pontefract
  • WF8 1BA
  • UK

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This Is What Democracy Looked Like: A Visual History of the Printed Ballot

Online Exhibition

Ballot paper

This bureaucratic piece of paper represents our long struggle to make elections free, fair, and honest. Printed ballots embody the material history of our democracy: its ideas, routines, and abuses. These ballots have a story to tell.

By the 1880s, the public demanded reforms to a clearly corrupt voting system. A new format from Australia introduced parameters that seem obvious to us now: an official ballot administered and distributed by the state, a nonpartisan layout that listed all the candidates on one sheet, and the most radical innovation: the ballot was to be marked in private.

This new format was not an immediate hit. While it offered equality and privacy, its adoption initiated our enduring history of contested voter intent and disputed mark making—and the end of freewheeling ballot design.

View the online exhibtion

Presented by the Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, USA.

Image: Detail from People’s Party Ticket, 1884, Massachusetts. Courtesy American Antiquarian Society.


Wish You Were Here: 151 Years of the British Postcard


Until 2 January 2022

Wish You Were Here celebrates and explores the iconic role the postcard has played in connecting people for more than a century and a half.

The British postcard’s history began in 1870 and 2020 marked its 150th anniversary. An innovation of its time, the postcard meant new and faster correspondence through the post.

They were used to send secret messages of love, to boost morale for soldiers at war and to boast from holidays near and afar.

Visitors can explore the postcard through history and reflect on its future with themes including romance, First World War correspondence, the Great British seaside, contemporary art and the postcard in a digital age.

  • The Postal Museum
  • 15-20 Phoenix Place
  • London
  • WC1X 0DA
  • UK

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