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Tracing History Backwards pamphlet 1936

Broadcasts to Schools

  • Tracing History Backwards
  • Spring Term 1936 Price Twopence
  • Broadcast from the National transmitter and the Scottish National and Aberdeen transmitters
  • Published by The British Broadcasting Corporation
  • Printed by J. J. Keliher & Co Ltd. London S.E.1
  • 140 x 216mm (5½ x 8½in)

In 1922 a business enterprise consisting of radio manufacturing firms established the British Broadcasting Company and shortly afterwards was successful in securing a Licence from the Postmaster General. In 1927 this company was replaced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

2022 sees the broadcaster celebrate its 100th anniversary and upholding the values embedded in its charter to “inform, educate and entertain” has rarely been more salient in today's modern Britain.

The introduction to this series of twenty minute talks tells us "this pamphlet is intended for boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 15 who are about to leave school. It attempts to interest them in some of the major problems of the complex world they are about to enter and to encourage them to seek for the causes and the gradual development of these problems in the past".

Weekly broadcasts from 21 January to 24 March included the following subjects: Tariffs, Money, Surplus and Scarcity, Unemployment, East and West.

Cargo from Surat The ephemerist will find this booklet of interest for the early use of ephemera to illustrate the talks:
a portion of a 1707 customs schedule listing imported goods and duties levied; one of the earliest hand-written bank notes (1684); a poster supplied by The Milk Marketing Board and the cargo list of the Benjamin arrived from Surat November, 1693.

The introduction to the pamphlet concludes "we hope that the notes, the suggestions for individual work, and the pictures will help you to follow the talks and give you something to do and think about when we have finished".



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