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Victorian advertising leaflet for Sterling Ranges

Stove Leaflet

  • World’s Sterling Ranges
  • Front cover of American advertising leaflet showing
  • general view of range opened out
  • Circa 1890
  • 254 x 178mm (10 x 7in)

There is a decided pleasure in showing and explaining a STERLING RANGE to a possible purchaser. The Range itself is a beauty. Merely on account of its ornamentation and general appearance it is something that attracts immediate attention. Next, is the weight of the castings and the perfection of their finish. The bright polish of the nickel work is also to be noted. The nickel bands on pipe shelf, top of range, edge of hearth and under the reservoir, are of a special shape or contour which we think is a little neater in appearance than anything of the kind found on other makes.

Extract from 1903 catalogue of Chicago Stove and Range Co., Chicago & Boston.



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