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Christmas and New Year greeting card for 1936/37

Abdication Card

  • Christmas and New Year greeting card 1936/37
  • 152 x 203mm (6 x 8in)

A seasonal greeting from America with an irreverent view of the Edward VIII abdication crisis taking place in Britain at the time. The verse reads:

  • The Lion and the Unicorn
  • Have monolopized the papers
  • To disapprove with British scorn
  • King Edward’s latest capers.
  • All this was very vital
  • And all England’s been astew,
  • For it’s been clear that Edward
  • Couldn’t abdicate and eat it too.
  • But what is more important
  • Than this schism cross the sea,
  • Is “How are you and all the folks
  • Whom we so seldom see?”
  • So forget proud England’s crisis
  • Now that Wallie has her peer,
  • And remember that it’s Christmas
  • And we’re wishing you good cheer.
  • Elizabeth & Killie



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