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Victorian scrap

Flying Saucers

Embark on a nostalgic journey to 1960s Britain, where children were enchanted by the taste of Flying Saucer sweets. Originating from Belgium and marketed as "Thirst Quenchers", these whimsical treats featured a sherbet-filled centre encased in rice paper.

In an era fuelled by the excitement of the space race and UFO sightings, the popularity of these saucer-shaped confections soared. Playground tales of extraterrestrial visitors, the launch of Sputnik, and other celestial wonders captured young imaginations.

This vibrant promotional card, designed for shopkeepers as part of their point-of-sale material, features a cardboard cutout placed behind the box contents. The card depicts a joyful boy and girl strolling through the countryside, hand in hand, their basket brimming with Flying Saucer sweets. The delightful illustration captures a sense of innocence and playfulness.



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