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Image of leaflet advertising Rimmel's New Perfumed Valentines for 1869

Eugene Rimmel

  • Rimmel's New Perfumed Valentines 1869
  • Advertising sheet from The Young English Woman

"The English Valentines this year have been deplorably bad mere absurdities, for the most part, without a glimmer of Art. But the market and as long as there are youths and maidens a market there will always be has been largely supplied from France, where assuredly they 'do these things better;' and for such supply we are mainly indebted to Mr. Rimmel, who has done a vast deal, if in 'a small way,' to improve the taste of the British public.

We have seen at his renowned establishment works of this class, of such merit that they might be readily accepted by the most fastidious of critics and Art-lovers; very beautiful as compositions, and exquisite in arrangement and finish. Those that contain flowers are absolutely perfect; they might furnish models for any student; while in others a rich fancy is abundantly displayed."
The Art Journal 1870

For St Valentines Day the National Valentine Collectors Association(NVCA) presents a virtual exhibition devoted to Eugene Rimmel, of London and Paris, the eminent 19th century perfumer who pioneered the perfumed valentine and almanac.

As a bonus visitors can download a PDF of the NVCA Winter 2012 newsletter which celebrates the printed ephemera of this ingenious and enterprising inventor: www.valentinecollectors.com/rimmel/



This regular feature shows special items from members’ own collections. Submissions by email should include a scan of the item.