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Image of cyclist's pocket map

Cyclists' Road Map

  • Cyclists' folding pocket road map, circa 1890s
  • Published by Pattisons' Limited, Scotch Whisky Distillers
  • Map open - 241 x 324mm (9½ x 12¾in)
  • Map closed - 57 x 83mm (2¼ x 3¼in)

The biggest disaster ever to hit the Scotch whisky trade happened in 1898 when Pattisons Limited, the biggest whisky wholesalers and blenders in Scotland, went bankrupt. With Pattisons collapse, the country was filled with unsold surplus stock and many distillers were permanently ruined.

Pattisons had approached the marketing of blended whisky in an energetic and brash manner, but behind the rapid rise to prominence of the company was serious financial mismanagement and fraud on the part of the Pattison brothers, Robert and Walter, both of whom served prison sentences for fraud as a result of the firmís collapse.

Reference: www.whiskymerchants.co.uk/#/glenfiddich/4522042396



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