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Image of superior merit

Superior Merit

  • Engraved label for superior merit at an examination
  • The Association for Discountenancing Vice and Promoting the Knowledge and Practice of the Christian Religion Adjudged this Premium to Catherine Mullin For superior Merit at an Examination in the Principles of the Christian Religion and the Knowledge of the Gospel held in St Michaels Parish On the 29th day of June 1812 The Rev. Rich. Graves Examr.
  • 70 x 127mm (2¾ x 5in)

This early example of a premium or prize ex-libris from Ireland was, most likely, originally pasted to the inside front cover of a religious or moral publication given to a young girl as a reward for a remarkable performance in an examination.

Reverend Richard Graves (17631829) was a theological scholar. He was one of the seven Senior Fellows of Trinity College, Dublin, a member of the Royal Irish Academy, Regius Professor and Dean of Ardagh.



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