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Image of Road Traffic Acts leaflet for the L plate

L Plate Leaflet

  • Diagram of distinguishing mark to be displayed on a motor vehicle
  • being driven by a person holding a Provisional Licence
  • 1953
  • 108 x 159mm (4¼ x 6¼in)

2010 sees the British driving test celebrating its 75th birthday.
Since it was introduced in 1935 more than 46 million tests have been taken.

The driving test was introduced in Britain in 1935 - first in March as a voluntary test and then it became compulsory in June and anyone buying a driving licence had to put L plates on the car and eventually take a driving test to get their full licence.

It has proved massively successful in reducing the number of deaths on British roads. In 1934, there were 1.5 million cars on the road, causing 7,343 deaths. This compares with 2,538 deaths in 2008 when there were a massive 34 million cars on the road.

Source: Directgov



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