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Valentine card for 1959 containing 45rpm record
Cover of Valentine Card containing 45rpm vinyl record
Published by ReCards Inc, Newark, N.J. USA. Copyright 1959
178 x 255mm (7 x 10in).

Valentine Card

It's the 1950s, an era characterised by the dawn of rock 'n' roll and the emergence of youth culture. Teenagers are captivated by the infectious rhythms and catchy tunes emanating from their record players.

For a young girl receiving a Valentine's Day card was already a delightful surprise. However, the added allure of finding a vinyl record enclosed within the card would have been a special moment, evoking a sense of excitement, mystery, and romance.

She turns to her record player, delicately places the vinyl on the turntable, and gently lowers the needle, releasing the crackling sound so reminiscent of the time.

The ambiance of the 1950s surrounds her - the golden age of vinyl records had arrived.

Valentine card for 1959



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