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Evacuee label World War 2

Evacuee Label

  • Label for Sheila Ann Collins of Hanwell, Middlesex
  • World War II
  • 121 x 57mm (4¾ x 2¼in)

With the advent of the start of WWII children were evacuated from cities to protect them from air raids. Many London children went to Devon, Cornwall and Wales. Other children moved to villages in the North, East Anglia and Scotland.

Every evacuee had a gas mask, food for the journey and a small bag for washing things and clothes. Pinned to the children's coats were labels. The plan was put into action in September 1939. About 800,000 children left their homes. However, many returned home after a few weeks. Others stayed in the countryside for the rest of the war.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/world_war2/evacuation/



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