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Radiotelegram Leaflet

Radiotelegram Leaflet

  • Send your Seasons greetings by radio to ships at sea
  • GPO advertising leaflet
  • Mid 20th century
  • 121 x 184mm (4¾ x 7¼in)

The reverse of the leaflet carries details on the procedure and costs to send radiotelegrams and make radiotelephone calls to and from ships:

The standard charge for a message sent through any Post Office Radio Station in the British Isles to any passenger or cargo vessel is 1s. 1d. a word for radiotelegrams to H.M.Ships abroad. For messages to Trawlers, Drifters, Coasters, Cross-Channel and other short voyage ships the rate is 1s. a word, and to H.M. Ships in the Home Fleet or based on the Home Station, 8½d a word. Radiotelegrams may be sent from ships at sea to addresses on shore under the same general conditions as from shore to ship.



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