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Here's to the Monarchy!

John G. Sayers

Amid our current political turmoil there is one anchor - the Monarchy. Yes, it's now more decorative than powerful, but it is a reminder of our history, and a rock of relative stability in the turbulent seas of politics and Brexit.

Selfridges celebrates the 1937 Coronation

I recently came across a reminder of this tradition in the form of two photos taken in 1937 during the celebrations to commemorate the Coronation of King George VI. It's surprising what one can find at boot sales. The person who took the photos - presumably deceased by now - has a wonderful shot of Selfridges decked out in colourful bunting and banners - a flash of joy during the 1930s decade of unemployment gloom.

Then there's a photo of what appears to be almost a shrine. With all the attributes of idol worship it's definitely in London, but where? OK, critics will claim that it was a big waste of money - but maybe not. That cartouche of King George and Queen Elizabeth helped to focus the level of British resolve that Churchill tapped so effectively.

Where is this Pseudo-shrine?

Who knows what lies ahead as Brexit unfolds amid the struggling of a minority government. Whatever befalls, the Monarchy is there, a visible anchor and a reminder that Britannia has a long tradition of overcoming adversity.

Q Where is this Pseudo-shrine?

A This is the front entrance to Selfridges taken from Duke Street.

Su Hobbs