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Detail of crests

Russian Royalty

The photographs are from an album titled The Book of Crests and carries a dedication to Mary E Ingersoll, London, 1872. The book contains many items which appear to be connected to the Russian Royal family.

There are eleven full pages of monograms, with photos claimed to be of Alexandra, Grand Duchess Constantine, daughter of the Duc de Saxe-Altenbourg; Alexander, Emperor of Russia; Alexander Alexandrovitch; Vladimir, second son of the Emperor, 1879; Nicolai Nicoliavitch the Elder; Grand Duke Constantine and Michael Nicolaivitch.

Russian Royalty photographs

The book seems to have been assembled some time ago from the remnants of an earlier book, each monogram appears to be cut from original paper, and the colours and gilt imprints appear fresh and vibrant.

Q Because of its Russian content does the album have any historical significance or is it just the outcome of a popular Victorian hobby? I would be grateful for any feedback.


Detail of crests