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Print of early 19th century stagecoach

Stage Coach Ticket

I've been seeking a post chaise or coach ticket from between the late 18th century and early 1800s but examples are proving elusive.

Q Has anyone come across such an item or can suggest where to look for a visual reference?


A After searching many printed ephemera reference books and various on-line sources one example of a ticket is illustrated on page 101 of The Encyclopedia of Ephemera: A Guide to the Fragmentary Documents of Everyday Life for the Collector, Curator, and Historian by Maurice Rickards. London: The British Library.

From the book Train and Transport about travel ephemera: "Stagecoach tickets were issued in triplicate, one section each for the passenger, the coach guard and the operator. They usually recorded the passenger's name, his destination, the name of the coach on which he wanted to travel, and whether he was booking an inside (more expensive) or outside seat."