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Image of greetings telegram

Greetings Telegram

Hand-written greetings telegram, postmarked 1953, sent by Pemberton Billing to Count Lefoe at the Chelsea Palace theatre. The message wishes the recipient good luck followed by a cryptic few words which is difficult for others to interpret.

Q Who is Count Lefoe and what type of variety act did he perform? Secondly, is the Pemberton Billing who signed this telegram the late Robin Pemberton-Billing, best known for his vision in setting up the Octagon Theatre, Bolton?

Telegram Boy


A In 1953, 'Count Lefoe' may have been the late Dominic Le Foe, who at one time worked as a magician/illusionist.

Graeme Cruickshank

From The Telegraph Lives Remembered, 15 June, 2010.

Dominic Alan Le Foe
Jun 2, aged 78. Magician, literary critic, prospective parliamentarian and for many years chairman of the Players' Theatre Club, London's oldest music hall troupe. Kept an often unruly late-night audience in check with charm and gentle wit, describing himself as "British as the flag". Latecomers accompanied by a date were often singled out with the line: "I'm so pleased to see you were successful in Villiers Street, sir." Began his stage career in 1947. Stood, unsuccessfully, for Parliament for the Liberals in Battersea South in 1955. Also editor of The Contemporary Review from 1965 to 1968. Lady Violet Bonham Carter was godmother to one of his children.