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Street seller of fire-stove ornaments?

"Ornaments For Your Fire-Stoves!"

Fire-stove ornaments were common in every Victorian household in the days of open fires. They were apron-like confections in curly paper of many colours, designed to decorate the dead fire-grate during the summer to make it look pretty.

During these summer months a good many of the makers of artificial flowers switched to making fire-stove ornaments made out of coloured paper and gold shavings and fashioned into rosettes and hawked around the streets to earn the women a very precarious income.

Q Can anyone confirm or otherwise that this small Victorian Christmas card, circa 1870s, is indeed depicting these items?

S. Bannister


A The images below strongly suggest that your assumption is correct. The first image is the comic valentine closed, as the recipient would have received it, and the second image with it fully folded out. These are circa 1870s.



Comic valentine Comic valentine