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Programme of Gilmore's Crystal Palace concert during his tour in May 1878

Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore

Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore, considered the "father of the American concert band" was brought up in Ballygar and born outside Dublin, Ireland in 1829.

He was a 19th Century Catholic and because of pride he destroyed his diaries and business correspondance every year at Christmas and never wrote his biography. Any praise given to him was always deflected to his wonderful Band or his adopted country or indeed anywhere but himself.

I started collecting Gilmore Band concert programmes and other items that I now know as "ephemera ". Each of these items gave me more information and details of not only the programme played for the concert but how it was performed. Other details of concerts tours already undertaken throughout America and Europe were included in the programmes and thus allowed me in turn to search through the archives of libraries worldwide with some accuracy and so all of this allowed me to recreate a chronology of 2800 newspaper articles, advertisments, concert previews and reviews as well as Gilmore interviews.

Q Has anyone ever located any items from Gilmores American Band Tour of 1878 when they played to opera houses in Scotland, England and Ireland including Crystal Palace? I am looking for any information on this marvellous tour or where I could locate such items for the collection.

Jarlath (psgilmore[at]eircom.net)



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