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Image of tickets by Williamsonís of Ashton

Williamsonís of Ashton

The Transport Ticket Society is currently undertaking a third edition of
Just the Ticket: Williamsonís of Ashton which was first published in 2011, and all copies of the book have all been sold within weeks of publication. But as the author I feel in the book there are all too few illustrations of tickets issued for uses other than for public transport.

Alfred Williamson Ltd in their day provided tickets for all manner of purposes. Not all of Williamson's tickets bore their imprint which will cause problems in identifying their products.

For example, they printed tickets for the Leeds-based printers and stationers, Tapp & Toothill Ltd [now no longer in business]. As a general rule I am able to identify Williamson's tickets as I was employed at North Mill during the early 1960s and I can recognise the style of printing as well as the typefaces used.

Q I was wondering if your members have amongst their collections any of the tickets described above ?

Michael Green (michael.green643[at]btinternet.com)