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Image of vase and support that George Tye developed in 1850

George Piercy Tye

I am contacting you on a personal quest, and any assistance would help greatly. Very soon we will be publishing a book on The Curious History of the Bulb Vase, by Patricia Coccoris, and we have been trying to obtain a particular booklet:

  • TITLE: Practical Hints on the Cultivation and Properties of the Hyacinth
  • AUTHOR: G.P. Tye (George Piercy Tye)
  • PUBLISHER: Groombridge & Sons
  • DATE: c.1851, but it is known to have been reprinted up to c.1865 (4th ed.)
  • FORMAT: Believed to be a 24pp booklet.

We would also welcome any other information on George Piercy Tye and if your members have any bulb catalogues, preferably showing bulb vases and particularly from the Victorian era, these may be of interest. Any other bulb catalogues may appeal to us.

David P. Encill

Right: The vase and support that George Tye developed in 1850 and which became a standard shape for many years - often copied and adapted and makers were still using this as a template right into the mid-20th century. It is worth pointing out that Tye did exhibit at the Great Exhibition so his invention was of some importance.


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