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Image of Justice is our Motto Poster

“Justice” is our Motto

  • Hand-coloured window bill/poster
  • 584 x 711mm (23 x 28in)
  • Printer/Publisher: Samuel Reeves, 13 Caledonian Road,
    Kings Cross, London, N.1.

Q My Family has had this poster for a very long time. I just do not know what it is , or why it is. I was wondering if any of your website visitors might have any answers?

Chris Swanson, near Chicago, USA.

A Other posters I've seen by Samuel Reeve suggest this is an advertising poster for his business - a Rag and Bone Merchant. On the left hand side of the poster men and women are rushing to take bundles of clothes and rags into his shop where he will give a fair price for them.



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