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Photo of Rudolph Adelbert Mayer

Rudolph Mayer & Co

Q My third Great Grandfather, Rudolph Adelbert Mayer (Aka Rudolph Adelbert Sebastian Mayer), was a known artist, photographer, musician and inventor who as a Professor accepted a position as Manager of the Fine Art Department of Marcus Ward & Co, of Belfast, Ireland, and afterwards with James McGill, of the same place. He also worked at Reynolds of Regent street during his time in London, later retiring in Opelousas, LA, United States.

In 1868 he opened a Photo and Fine Arts Studio in Castle Place, Belfast, (Rudolph Mayer & Co), where he discovered an early form of photography, and turned out his Mayerotypes, in large numbers.

I can't find any European information on his work at the two above publishing houses, but I have copies of many of his photographs going back to 1850. Any help would be deeply appreciated with any items of ephemera pertaining to his history or cards.




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