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Royal Key and Property Registry leaflet

Key Registry Tags

Q I am hoping to put together a small booklet or catalogue dealing with Key Registry Tags, to that end I am searching for ephemera connected to Key Tag Property Registry Companies such as Scottish National Key & Property Registry or Hibernian Key Registry Co - there were perhaps three dozen or so companies who offered Key registration sometimes as part of a house hold insurance policy.

Royal Key and Property Registry leaflet-detail Key Registration was a method of safe guarding lost keys - the registered owner was issued with a numbered tag to attach to their keys and if the keys were lost the number on the tag would enable the insurance company to return the keys to the owner. A reward was offered to the finder of the keys who returned them to the insurance company.


Can anyone point me in the direction where any ephemera or more information dealing with this subject may be found?

John P.

A I was looking on line to see if the key registry at 10 Neville St Newcastle on Tyne still existed as I still have their fob on my old shop keys. I think itís from between 15&20 years ago, certainly no older than 1996. An old man used to come every year for the subscription. I donít have any paperwork for it.




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