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Duty & Discipline application form

Duty & Discipline

Q The Centre for Ephemera Studies would like to hear further details and date for the Duty & Discipline Movement. Although a 1920’s date is suggested, it could even be seen to be appropriate for 2005! The objects of the Movement are:-
To combat indiscipline in the national life, especially in the home and the school.
To give reasonable support to all legitimate authority.
The Movement shall deal with principles - not with methods.

A Reginald Brabazon, the 12th Earl of Meath was, as B-P [Baden Powell] stated, the founder of his own organisation, The Duty and Discipline Movement. This had a thriving membership of 4,200 in 1917 and had but two objectives:
To combat softness, slackness, indifference and indiscipline
To give reasonable support to all legitimate authority

B-P was a member of its council and wrote a leaflet for them, number 32 in a series of 40 entitled British Discipline. The Head Office of the Movement was located at 117 Victoria Street, London. Was this opposite or next door to Scout Headquarters at 116 Victoria St. and was the proximity of the head offices of the two Movements merely a coincidence?

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