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Thank You Card - 1925

Thank You Cards

American Thank You card, 127 x 83mm (5 x 3¼in), from 1925 with manuscript on verso, Thank you many times Dorothy dear for your Christmas card and the very pretty and dainty handkerchief, it is sweet of you to remember me .

Q Do you know by chance how far back preprinted “Thank You” cards go? I was looking through a couple of reprint catalogues from the turn of the 20th century (Montgomery Wards and Sears) and have seen blank note cards with and without gold edges as well as “regret” cards. Has anyone seen any printed examples from this era (1890s-1915)?

I have also been looking through some etiquette books. Perhaps people mainly utilized note paper/stationery. Maybe “Thank You” preprinted on the front of the card, as we have today, would have been considered inappropriate? Any comments, suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Tammy Parker



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