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Image of lottery papers

Lottery Papers

  • Printed by James Whiting, Printer, Finsbury Place, London
  • 108 x 273mm (4¼ x 10¾in)
  • Early 19th century

Front and back of lottery publicity leaflet in the style of a mock valentine advocating the purchase of a lottery ticket from Bish, Stock-Broker. The verse, from “A New Valentine for the Ladies” is set to the tune “O, Lady fair” and enquires:

  • “ O, Lady fair, where are you going,
  • Your speed important bus’ness showing?
  • Stranger, I go to Fortune’s wicket,
  • To buy a lucky Lott’ry Ticket.
  • But who is the man, whom to sell such ’tis consign’d him;
  • Say, lady fair where will you find him?
  • BISH is the name, at Cornhill or Charing,
  • You’ll find him still the Prizes sharing.
  • Lucks all,” tis said, his fame is growing,
  • And Fortune’s path’s the way you’re going.
  • Fair lady, go, as Time ne’er slumbers,
  • And BISH will spread you lucky numbers;
  • Your cause Good Fortune may espouse, and
  • You get some Ten or Twenty Thousand:
  • Nay, better fortune may chance await ye,
  • For you secure may Thousands Eighty;
  • One lucky Number may ensure it,
  • And BISH the man who may procure it.
  • “Luck’s all,” &c.



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