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Sheet-music cover

Sheet-Music Cover

March of the ATS

  • “The Royalties from the sale of this Song will be paid to A.T.S. Welfare”
  • Published 1941 by Kennedy Music Co. Ltd, 36 Soho Square, London W1
  • 250 x 315mm (10 x 12½ins)

The words of the song are pretty amazing:

  • See them standing shoulder to shoulder
  • Daughters of Britain every one;
  • Taking a man’s place, playing a real part,
  • Seeing a good job - well done.
  • Freedom made the call and they answered,
  • Just as their mothers answered before,
  • Let us salute them, knowing we need them,
  • Fighting the good fight once more.
  • Chorus
  • When the ATS go marching by
  • There’s a look of pride in ev’ry eye
  • Oh, the whole world knows they won’t give in,
  • Women with the will to win.
  • When the ATS go on parade
  • Ev’ry mother's heart goes on parade
  • It’s beauty on duty, grim and gay in the ATS.

The Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) was formed in 1938. Its initial plan was to recruit 25,000 female volunteers for driving, clerical and general duties.In the army, women joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS). Like soldiers, they wore a khaki uniform.

The recruiting posters were glamorous - some were considered too glamorous by Winston Churchill - and many young ladies joined the ATS because they believed they would lead a life of glamour. They were to be disappointed. Members of the ATS did not get the glamour jobs - they acted as drivers, worked in mess halls where many had to peel potatoes, acted as cleaners and they worked on anti-aircraft guns.

As the war dragged on, women in the ATS were allowed to do more exciting jobs such as become welders (unheard of in ‘civvie’ street), carpenters, electricians etc.



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